• Total Counter

     H4C-C, T3C-C, T4C-C, CM-4
    1. 4 digits display with 7 segment LED display (H4C-C, T4C-C, CM-4)
    2. Offered in a wide range voltage of AC/DC 12~60V or AC 100~240V
    3. Contact input, proximity or photoelectric switch compatible
    4. Can select UP count or Down count by slide switch (T3C-C, T4C-C)
    5. Timing Mode UP count or Down count (Y) option by user (H4C-C, CM-4)
    6. Counting speed: 30cps, 250cps or 1Kcps option by user
    7. Memory function available (M)
    8. CE certified
  • TOP
    1. 3 input type: Non-voltage (contact, transistor), DC 5~24V, AC/DC 24~240V
    2. H7E-C is a 8-digit total counter
    3. H7E-C can select 30Hz and 1KHz speed by DIP switch
    4. H7E-CNVF can replace electro-magnetic counter
    5. H7E-T is a 7-digit time counter
    6. H7E-TN time range: 999999.9h/3999d23.9h
    7. H7E-TN1 time range: 999h59m59s/9999h59.9m
    8. CE certified